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Busy parents, take heart! If you have kids, we know you've got better things to do with your time than spend hours in front of a computer planning a family vacation. Family Vacation Travel offers knowledgeable vacation planning so your family can have a safe and memorable holiday. From our experiences traveling with our own children since 1999 we know that families have specific needs and look for a great trip at an affordable price. Our travel assistants save you valuable time doing the research for your vacation at NO COST to you.

Having a travel planner can be the difference between money well-spent on vacation and money wasted, between The Worst Trip Ever and a trip so wonderful the memories will last a lifetime. Our specialty includes finding family friendly accommodations, family friendly activities, and family travel deals. We then give you the options and suggestions your looking for. We understand the reality of traveling with children, that being booked in a hotel a long walk from the beach won't work with a toddler or that a teen who can't find anyone their age will make everyone in the family miserable. Whether you are looking for a quick get away or a Once a Lifetime vacation we work hard to make every family trip special.

Our assistants are eager to give you personal service that allows you to plan the perfect trip that fits your budget and travel style. We love planning family travel but also offer travel services and arrangements for a Couple's Getaway, Business Travel, Reunion Packages or Exploring the Country Adventures. Having a travel planner will SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY. We work hard so you don't have to and love finding great deals that fit your lifestyle. We handle the details so you can truly enjoy your vacation and when we save you money you'll be able to start planning your next vacation right away.

Our family has a combined total of 74 cruises under our belt, have been traveling to Disney World since October 1971, enjoyed diving in some amazing places, learned the Hula and sang with Don Ho in Hawaii, visited the colonies of Williamsburg and Jamestown, ate turkey and pizza after the Macy's Day parade since 2001, swam with dolphins in Mexico and the Bahamas, lived it up in Vegas, camped under the stars, enjoyed the mist under Niagra Falls, admired the Hope Diamond at the Smithsonian, screamed with our hands up going down some of the most amazing roller coasters and many more fabulous travels. We look forward to being a part of your families next adventure.

We serve you where ever you may be and where ever you will be going. If we don't know the answer we have travel partners that do but trust us when we say we look for the best deal so that you have extra spending money while your away. Fill out the form and tell us what you have in mind for your next get away.

Let us reduce your stress while you spend less!

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