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How We Started

We know the choices are abundant when it comes to house cleaning companies and maid services that's why we thought it would be a good idea to tell you how we started the original Maids On The Run and we look for in all Franchise Partners.

The Maids on the Run founding family:

  • Maids on the Run opened its first location in Jacksonville, Florida in 2008 by a self proclaimed OCD-Over Cleaning Disorder perfectionist. Kara is a former personal chef that could no longer be away for her two young kids with the demanding hours of cooking for others but still needed to help support her family and find something she was passionate about. Kara decided to start cleaning for others since cleaning kitchens was part of her background. Inspired by her former clients and the way they loved how she left their kitchen sparkling after prepping their meals. She started by a random email offering to clean your bathroom for free...The Bathroom Challenge spread like fire and Maids on the Run was founded.
  • The name Maids on the Run is about what we do for you, we clean your house and we run your errands. Mr.MOTR takes full credit for this clever name.
  • It was second nature as friends and family said "you clean too much" to start a company with amazing service, pay attention to detail and get better with age not worse. The stories we hear of how great all cleaning companies are but after a few months they do down hill. Communication and Care are how we stay ahead of any concerns. No news is bad news in our eyes and we want to follow up after each cleaning. WE are a Personal Assistant to families not just a maid or housekeeper.
  • The other half of MOTR (Steve aka Mr. MOTR) became involved when Kara was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2009. The two decided that no matter what they would create a reliable company that families could trust and know that their worries would be behind them.
  • They Founded of Cleaning with a Meaning - A not for profit that coordinates Free housecleaning nationwide for families with children diagnosed with a serious injury or illness When diagnosed with breast cancer and after surgery, chemo, radiation they realized there are so many families fighting a life threatening illness everyday that need a little help. Our goal is that families can focus all of their attention on the each other while our service providers take care of their home. This is all volunteer based.
  • Added a second location in San Diego with the help of some fabulous crews.
  • Maids on the Run has one primary focus and that is to please the client and feel that we are making a difference in each home we care for. We know that we may not be perfect but from the day we walked into our first home we wanted to be sure that we never lost communication with our client and always did our best. We want to be perfect and please everyone we care for including our four legged friends.
  • Here we are, A true perfectionist/neat freak that is perfecting the way house cleaning should be. A Home Concierge that desires to make a difference in your home and community.